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Imagine falling in your home, seriously injuring yourself, not being able to get up and having no one around to help. If you live alone, especially if your neighbours are too far away to hear your calls for help or not at home, then you could be left lying in agony wondering if you’re ever going to be found.

The above scenario sadly occurs regularly within Australia’s elderly community, with 1 out of 3 seniors taking a tumble each year – although many don’t talk about it through fear of ageing and fear of losing independence.

Falls are the most common cause of fractures among those 65 and older – with fractures of bones in the hip, spine, forearm, leg, ankle, pelvis, upper arm and hand the most common.

If you’re a senior wanting to maintain your independence yet have emergency help at hand if it’s ever needed, or if you’re worried about your elderly parent and want peace of mind from knowing they’re always able to call for help should they need to, then the solution is a personal alarm pendant featuring an emergency call button.

Whether it’s a serious fall or a medical emergency of another kind, a medic alert alarm is perfect for independent and active seniors.

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Providing quality medical alarms at an affordable price

The team behind Affordable Medical Alarms have in fact helped run – and set up – several medical alarm provider companies. ISC in fact still currently provides technical support to two of Australia’s largest providers, though of course has no control over their pricing structure.

The catalyst for establishing AMA arose from discontent in watching vulnerable Australians either missing out on the ability to feel safe and independent due to financial restraints – including those deemed too old or otherwise ineligible to benefit from National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding – or scraping by to pay for medical alarm monitoring services.

It is therefore the vision of Affordable Medical Alarms to provide medical alarm devices to every vulnerable Australian at a price that does not force them to question their budget.

All products sold through AMA are developed and made in Australia. For extra peace of mind, they also come with the industry’s longest warranties.

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Why choose Affordable Medical Alarms?

When it comes to assessing independent living and medical assistance requirements, it’s important that considerable emphasis be placed on the company providing the technology that affords you peace of mind. It’s also important to consider their customer service, core values and ability to provide the right tools.

Affordable Medical Alarms (AMA) is a family-owned business providing national coverage and driven to set the benchmark in customer service excellence, while ensuring every Australian access to quality medical alarms at an affordable price.

Prior to the establishment of AMA, a large percentage of vulnerable Australians – including the elderly and disabled – simply could not afford medical alarms due to profit-focussed providers pricing them out of reach of the majority.

AMA is a division of home alarm installation experts International Security Consultants (ISC). With its expert head security technician having chalked up almost three decades of experience in the security, security management and medical alarm sector, it exclusively utilises Grade A1 control rooms for 24/7 monitoring of alarm transmissions. This ensures assistance can be dispatched quickly whenever the need arises.

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Easy-to-use emergency alarms

Affordable Medical Alarms tailors its medic alert alarm solution on a case-by-case basis, ensuring the best choice of device for you or your parent.

In most instances, the device will be a totally wireless and waterproof alarm pendant (either necklace or wrist watch style).

The alarm necklace pendant can have automatic fall detection built-in if required, along with other customisable features.

Other advantages include:

  • Built-in communication from these personal medical alarms to the monitoring control room via a 4G SIM card, so no phone line is required.
  • Upon activation, hands-free two-way communication is opened between the alarm unit and the control room, where a trained operator will assess the situation and coordinate the best response action.
  • If no communication is established by the control room, an ambulance is despatched immediately.
  • The medical alarm pendant’s components are fully monitored, including batteries, to ensure it’s fully functional at all times without the need for on-site testing.
  • Video tech support is available for self-installation or, if preferred, a technician can install and set up the device for you and provide a demonstration on how to use it.

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